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White Owl Lacquers Review

*Products in this post were provided by the company for review.*

White Owl Lacquers

Hey dolls! I was recently contacted by blogger Mara of Mara in Polishland to review some polishes from her brand White Owl Lacquers. Excitement is the only term to describe how I felt because I had several of her polishes on my wish list. She sent three white based glitters (my fav) and one glitter top coat. Let’s get to the photos.

Come To Me is a white jelly base filled with blue and pink glitters of various shapes and sizes as well as smaller navy glitter. This polish is perfection! Come To Me has the perfect glitter ratio and was super easy to use. Three coats were used for opacity. The base built up quite easily, but you could always layer this over white to use fewer coats.

Come To Me2

Come To Me

Dwelling On Love is a white jelly base filled with gold square glitter and two shades of pink glitter. The formula was much thicker than that of the other white-based polishes. I first tried Dwelling On Love alone using three coats, but the layers looked very thick. I then decided to layer it over two coats of Essie Marshmallow. Dwelling on Love looked great at just one coat layered.

Dwelling On Love

Dwelling On Dreams2

Dwelling On Dreams is a white jelly filled with teal, aqua, and gold glitter. The formula was the same as Come To Me, but there was not as much glitter payoff. This would be great for those times when you want a palette cleanser that has a little sparkle. Three coats were used for opacity.

Dwelling On Dreams2

Dwelling On Dreams

A Little Danger is filled with pink, red, and fuchsia circle glitter and orange to green iridescent squares in a clear base. I have been looking for a majority pink circle glitter and A Little Danger has filled that need. I wanted to pair it with so many different bases, but I settled on Cult Nails Cruisin’ Nude to allow the glitter to pop. The base was somewhat thick, so I had to dab to fill in spots after applying one coat.

A Little Danger

A Little Danger2

I’m really impressed with all of these polishes from White Owl Lacquers. Mara has a great eye for glitter combinations and I like that they aren’t overly chunky. I thought that Dwelling on Dreams would be my favorite since that one had been on my wish list after it was released, but Come To Me just blew it out of the water! After wearing these, I’ve now added a few of her newer polishes, Vintage Rose and Water Lily, to my wish list. White Owl Lacquers can be purchased here for $9 each. Be sure to follow Mara’s blog, instagram, and twitter for updates!

White & Pink

*Products in this post were provided by the company for review.*