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Twinsie Tuesday ~ Valentine’s Day Inspired

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Hey dolls! More Valentine’s day nails for you today, yay! Sorry, that was a little bit of sarcasm. Hubby and I aren’t huge on Valentine’s. We shower each other with gifts regularly and show love throughout the year, so there’s not much need to buy things on the 14th at an outrageously marked up price. I’ll get off of my soapbox now.

For today’s Twinsie Tuesday theme, I decided to add a little edge by using purple. Barielle is hosting a Valentine’s nail art competition on their facebook page, so I figured I’d knock two things out at once. I began with two coats of Barielle Hidden Hideaway, an inky purple, filled with shimmer. Two coats of Barielle London High Tea, a medium pink with gold shimmer, was used on the double accent nails. I’ve been wanting to do a polka dot-like look using glequins, so that was attempted on my ring finger. The gold glequins used were from BornPretty. To give you all a little love, I added a BornPretty metal heart decal to the other accent nail.

Valentine's Day Nails

Valentine's Day Nails

I really like Hidden Hideaway and London High Tea together. Does this still put you in the mood for love even though it’s not the most traditional combo? I want to try more glequin looks. Placement takes so long though! Be sure to check out the looks from the other ladies using the links below.

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Press Sample

  • Hubby and I don’t go all out for Valentine’s Day either. It’s just another day to us especially when we spend tons of money on each other throughout the year as well! I love London High Tea! One of my favorite Barielle’s! I love that little heart!

    • Exactly! The marked up prices are ridiculous. We’ve been doing Friday date nights since we’ve been together. I’d rather just stick with that.

      • Exactly, we don’t get date nights on a normal basis since we have two little ones but I would rather have nail polish over jewelry ( I’m weird )! I’ll probably see if his parents can watch the kids while we have a nice dinner in, that will be good enough for me!

        • Now I don’t know about that part. Give me jewelry, bags, and shoes over nail polish any day! LOL

          • Hhaahaha! I love costume jewelry and like to be all matchy-matchy so that’s why I’m not big into precious stones 😉 Now purses and shoes?! Um yes. I have a HUGE boot addiction right now. Hubby is going to have to hide my card 😉

  • PolishedtoPrecision

    This is lovely Keish! I LOVE Valentine’s Day, but I completely agree. We don’t go out or do anything extraordinary. He usually gets me a little something, but, like you guys, we do it all year round. That’s the most important part. Consistency and thoughtfulness should always be around.

  • How pretty! Just love the little heart too 🙂

  • Really pretty mix of colors… 🙂

  • I love the gold heart, these are really pretty!

  • I love the accents!!!

  • thelittlecanvas

    I love this manicure! The gold, the pink, the purple, all perfect!

  • Marisa (Polish Obsession)

    This is so cute!! I love that it’s not the typical Valentine’s Day look.

    • Thanks! Not too bad for a last minute look. 😉

      • Marisa (Polish Obsession)

        Haha! Nope, not bad at all ;0)

  • love that purple!

  • Anne Thompson

    Hidden Hideaway is fabulous!! Love your cute mani!

  • Chelsea Lane

    Oh wow, Hidden Hideaway looks amazing here! And that little heart decal is the perfect finishing touch!

  • caseylanelovespolish


  • Great mani! I really like the way the polishes look together!