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Twinsie Tuesday ~ Redo a TT Theme ~ Nail Appliques


Hey dolls! The theme for this week’s Twinsie Tuesday was to redo a theme we missed or especially loved/hated. Two weeks ago, I missed the nail appliques theme due to being out of town. I was bummed to miss out, since I had the perfect nail appliques that I’d been wanting to wear for a while.

I received these purple and green floral and polka dot nail appliques from my love Tiffany of Tiffany’s Tasteful Talons during a secret gift exchange. There were eight different designs in the package, which I knew would make the perfect skittles mani. These were super easy to apply as they are made from real polish and they stretched nicely over the nail.


I really like how this mani turned out! I wish I would’ve had the foresight to apply these before I went out of town this past weekend so I could gauge the wear time. Looking at the floral accent just reminded me that I’ve never attempted any type of floral nail art. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to it.

I have no clue which brand these are since there wasn’t any information on the packaging. Google failed me in all of my searches, so if you know the brand, please tell me in the comments. Thanks again Tiff! Be sure to check out the redo looks from the other Twinsies down below!

**Thanks to everyone who commented! These nail polish strips are from Scratch and are available here.**

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