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Twinsie Tuesday ~ Neutral

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Hey dolls! My apologies for my Twinsie Tuesday post coming a little late today. The theme was neutral and I had so many thoughts in mind. At first I wanted to use a variety of nude shades. Then I decided to switch gears and to go with the most neutral colors of them all, black and white. We all know that black and white go perfectly with every other color possible, making them amazing neutrals. I recently bought this pair of VS yoga pants that inspired this look.


I went with my favorite black and white polishes, Cult Nails Nevermore and Cult Nails Tempest. In order to spice the mani up a little bit, I added a few tribal decals from KBShimmer. The decals were sealed with top coat.


I love how simplistic, yet chic this look is! If you wanted to add a pop of color on the outer nails, it would still be perfect. Black and white is always on trend in my book, so I couldn’t help but include a few fashion inspirations. Be sure to check out the neutral looks from the other Twinsies below.

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