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Twinsie Tuesday ~ Nail Polish Collection


Hey dolls! Today’s theme for Twinsie Tuesday was to share our nail polish collection. I haven’t had an accurate count of my stash in quite a few months. That’s probably because I haven’t been doing a good job of updating my stash list as I get new polishes and purge older ones or those that I didn’t like. Crazy part is that I convinced my fellow Twinsie, Marisa from Polish Obsession, to create a list just a month ago. Welp. One of these days I’ll start the task of updating. My polishes are stored in melmers, the storage cubes from Michaels. Here’s the post I did last year on how I decorated them. Since that point, I’ve added a third melmer at the beginning of 2014. My goal is to not have more than what can fit in these three melmers at any given point. It’s a lot harder now that I review for so many brands, but I do tend to purge every six months through blog sales, gifting friends/family, or by just taking them to work.

The first drawer of my melmers is my “to be reviewed” polishes. I keep these separate just to make sure I don’t forget anything. As soon as I get a review package from a brand, they go into this drawer. As you can see below, I’m in the midst of working on a huge swatch project for Serum No. 5, so be prepared to see lots of those in the near future. After a polish is reviewed, it is then sorted into one of the drawers below.


This next drawer is filled with indie glitter toppers and holos. You’ll notice that lots of these bottles look the same because most of them are from Mentality (perks of being a core blogger). I also held on to a few crackles/shatters. I haven’t used them in awhile, but my stepdaughter loves to wear them still.


In terms of organization, my polishes are sorted by color, then by brand. You’ll notice stickers on the tops of some polishes; this is how I notate that a polish is untried. Therefore, when I’m trying to choose a polish to wear, I can easily spot a shade that hasn’t been worn before. There isn’t much rhyme or reason to the color system, but more so making them all fit. This drawer contains teals, turquoises, nudes, and browns.


The next drawer is all pinks. I used to have a lot more, but some have been purged. You won’t see many untrieds in this drawer. I think it’s because pink is a shade I tend to gravitate towards when I don’t know what to wear.


The next drawer contains oranges, corals, peaches, reds, yellows, and golds. This drawer is pretty full, so I may make adjustments as need be.


Up next is the blue drawer! I have a thing for blue polish and I can’t stop buying them. Blue is one of those universally flattering, fun shades. I didn’t realize I had so many blue Deborah Lippmanns and RBLs until doing this post.


The next drawer is all green polishes. Lots of untrieds in this drawer. I should take care of that.


My purple drawer is downright ridiculous! It’s definitely the shade I own the most of. Can you spot those two full rows of just Zoya? I clearly remember purging a few Zoya purples, but I can’t seem to let them go.


The final drawer contains whites, white based glitters, silvery glitter toppers, flakies, grays, and blacks. I thought I had more white based glitters, but I guess not.


Finally, I have a plastic shoebox that holds my minis. They aren’t organized at all. I haven’t purchased minis in quite some time, so these are all really old or they are from reviews.


Well there you have it, my entire stash! I’m sure you addicts out there can tell the brands I have the most of just by looking at the bottle shape. I try to keep my stash pretty organized and I usually don’t have difficulties trying to find what I’m looking for. I did attempt to do a video for you of this process, but that was a huge fail. I have a new respect for youtubers after that hot mess. Maybe I’ll try to attempt it again in the future. Be sure to check out the stashes of the others Twinsies below!

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  • JK Sheldon

    I love how you decorated your drawers! So lovely!

  • craftynail

    Jealous! Gonna go check out how you decorated your drawers- they look beautiful!

    • Thanks! I figured I might as well make them look pretty. It was a super easy process as well.

  • Edwina Davis

    WOW!! That’s all I can say. WOW! GREAT POST!!

  • Great stash collection! I love how you decorated your melmers too!

  • Anne Thompson

    Beautiful collection! Love how tidy they all are!

  • thelittlecanvas

    I love how pretty your melmers are! I need to decorate mine! they’re all chiped up on the outside. Excuse me as I run to the store and buy scrapbook paper!

    • Thanks doll! You should! You can get everything for super cheap from Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

  • Maribeth

    Your drawers are gorgeous Lakeisha!! (ok, that sounds a little ‘off’ lol) Love your collection!!

    • Hahaha! I didn’t even get it until you said it sounded off. Thanks doll!

  • I love how you decorated your drawers, they look gorgeous!

  • I love what you did to your drawers; so pretty!!!
    And fun that you have it organized by color 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m one of the few apparently when it comes to color organization. I’m the same way with my closet.

  • Marisa (Polish Obsession)

    I absolutely love how you decorated your melmers! They’re so pretty.

    • Thanks love! I got tired of just looking at them when they were all white.

  • caseylanelovespolish

    Gorgeous! I love how you have your melmers decorated! Do you have any issues w/ the weight having them stacked 3 high? I worry about not being able to get into the bottom drawers if I put too much on top.

    • Thanks doll! I haven’t had any issues with them being stacked. I added the third one at the beginning of the year and no problems. I do try to keep the bottom drawers pretty full though.

  • Mine’ Perry

    Great post! I love looking at other people’s stashes! Especially when they’re really big lol. The sticker thing is a great idea that I may need to try. Even though about 60% of my stash is untried, smh

  • Wow your collection is beautifully organized!

  • So much beauty in one post! LOVE the storage decoration!
    OMG, I’m looking forward to the serum swatch spam!

    Interesting how you still keep your DL’s in their box.
    Now I want to organize my stash. lol

  • Peace, Love & Polish

    I love how organized it all is, and your drawer decorations are so fun!

  • Such a fabulous collection! So well organized too, and I just love your decorations!

  • Toya

    What else can I say but ~drooool~ 😉

  • GeekyDiorGirl

    When I finally got around to putting my green polishes into a drawer sadly the bottom came out. I had given up hope and thought I’d put too many but this gives me hope!