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Twinsie Tuesday ~ Inspired by a Magazine

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Hey dolls! Today’s mani is one where I had a great idea that couldn’t be executed. After seeing today’s theme, I looked through a few magazine covers and I knew exactly what I wanted to do!

I love this swimsuit on Serena Williams (congrats to her on winning her 5th US Open!) and it inspired me immediately. I recently received several blue matte polishes from Mentality that I knew would make the perfect gradient. Apparently deciding on an inspiration and choosing the polishes were the only easy parts of this look. My first plan was to create a gradient using four shades from the Mentality Blue Mattes set. I put the polishes on a sponge and tried to apply them, but to no avail, the gradient just was not looking good. I looked at a few tutorials using multiple colors and followed them specifically, but I just was not feeling the look.

Next, I applied one of the four shades to each nail. My plan was to apply the next lightest color on top in a gradient manner. Ehhh. This turned out just ok, but it was not amazing like all of the other gradients I see.

Mentality Blue Mattes Gradient

To try to even out the gradient, I added a holo glitter on top. That was so unattractive, I didn’t even bother to take pictures. Finally I thought, I’ll just do an ombre mani. The colors from index to pinky are Pilot, Hero, Tough, and Sailor, going from lightest to darkest just like Serena’s swimsuit. I’ll do a full review of these soon, but I will say they all have an excellent formula.

Mentality Blue Mattes Ombre

Mentality Blue Mattes Ombre

Then I had the bright idea of adding Mentality Matte Holo to each nail just to give it a little more spunk. Yeah, that didn’t work out. My camera does not like to capture holos in my light box and it was dark outside by the time I got to this version of the mani. I should’ve just left well enough alone with the ombre. Welp. I’ve learned that I’m no good with gradients when a glitter isn’t being used. The good thing about this post – Serena Williams has amazing talent, an even more amazing body, and she is working that swimsuit!

Do you have any tips for making awesome gradients where the colors blend together nicely? Be sure to check out what the other Twinsies came up with. Hopefully they weren’t as challenged as I was.

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