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Twinsie Tuesday ~ Holiday Gift ~ Water Marble

Purchased by Me

Hey dolls! The theme for today’s Twinsie Tuesday was to give another Twinsie a “holiday gift”. The assignment was to give a “gift” that would be challenging for the other person to complete. I was absolutely dreading this and had every reason to. Chelsea from Nailed Blog tasked me with completing a water marble mani. Grrrrrrrr….I knew this was coming. I’ve only attempted to water marble once before and it was a horrible failure. I didn’t have high hopes at all going into this week’s look.

My first attempt was to do a dry water marble. I thought that it would be an easy way out. Wrong! It looked a hot mess. So much of a mess, I didn’t even take pictures. Next, I decided to give a traditional water marble a go. I began with Essie School of Hard Rocks, a dusty green that leans slightly teal. The formula was good and was opaque in two coats. The accent nail for the marble was Essie A Crewed Interest, a light peach cream. To create the marble, I only used School of Hard Rocks and A Crewed Interest. I thought using more than two colors would be too much of a challenge for my beginner skills.

Essie School of Hard Rocks

Essie School of Hard Rocks

Surprise, surprise! This was the outcome after one attempt. It turned out much nicer than I thought it would be. I didn’t want to push my luck, so I wasn’t going to attempt to do another nail. While I’d like to thank Chelsea for pushing me, I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing another water marble any time soon. How do you think my first marble turned out? Be sure to take a look at what the other Twinsies came up with for this week below!

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Purchased by Me

  • Erin Ortiz

    This combination is really pretty, good job!

  • Pretty manicure! The accent nail looks great 🙂

  • The marble is perfect!

  • Peace, Love & Polish

    The colors together are so pretty!

  • I like this mani a lot! I’ve never even attempted water marble haha

  • Edwina Davis

    OMG!! I love it. Wishlist item!!!

  • Maribeth

    This came out great! I loathe the idea of attemping a water marble again (first and last time I tried was about 2 years ago!) so I feel your pain! You did great though 🙂

  • Chelsea Lane

    I’m sorry I was so evil for this challenge! :p But I think it turned out beautifully! And I *love* these two colors together!

  • Marisa (Polish Obsession)

    This is nice!!! Awesome job Lakeisha! Love the colors too.

  • Your marble looks awesome! And I love these colors paired together!

  • Miss Niki

    Ohhh lala!!! I LOVE IT!

  • Oooh your water marble came out so beautifully!!

  • This is a great combination! I love Hard Rocks and wouldn’t have thought to pair it with such a soft peach-y pink, but they look awesome together. Congrats on your first water marble!!

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