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Twinsie Tuesday ~ Fishtail Mani

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Hey dolls! I recently joined a group of ladies who create weekly themed manis called Twinsie Tuesday. This is a great group of bloggers, so I’m sure you are familiar with a few of them already. The theme for this week was fishtail mani. Definitely an interesting theme for my first Twinsie post. I recently purchased two more Bondi polishes when they had a BOGO free sale last month and I knew I wanted to pair them together. I started with a base of Bondi Brick Road, a bright yellow creme. The formula was decent for a yellow; streaky on the first coat and needed 1-2 more to fill in the patches. Brick Road did self-level relatively well.

Brick Road

Brick Road2

I used the tutorial by Lucy’s Stash to create the fishtail. The other polishes used were Bondi Blue Skies and Zoya Trixie (gift).



Meh, I think this is ok. I love the way the colors look together, but the last layer of yellow is thick and goopy. That’s probably because I needed multiple coats of Brick Road for it to be opaque on top of the other shades. I’ve been wanting to try a fishtail mani for some time so I’m glad I got an opportunity, but I doubt I will do this again. Please be sure to check out the other Twinsies to see what they came up with!

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Purchased by Me Gift 

  • Thanks love! I’ll have to try something else with this color combo.

  • This looks great! Especially for it being your first time! I’m a little scared to try a fishtail mani, so cudos to you for doing it and for getting a great result! I love the color combo too – it really allows the yellow to shine!

    • Thanks love! I think you have to chose colors that are really opaque at one coat. That’s where I messed up with the yellow. It’s such a fun shade though. Hope you try it soon!

      • Oh yeah good call! Ugh that’s annoying because I haven’t met a yellow that isn’t thin and a little streaky. Guess I won’t be using yellow if I try it haha :p

  • Lucy from Lucy’s Stash

    That looks lovely! And thank you for mentioning my tutorial 🙂

  • JK Sheldon

    That yellow is so pretty!
    Kelly from Tuxarina

  • Anne Thompson

    Welcome to the group! Great job on the fishtail mani! I love those colors together.

  • PolishandCharms

    Looks fantastc! I love these colors together!

  • This is awesome! I really like the colors you used together 😀

  • That yellow is gorgeous! Awesome job on the fishtail.

  • Welcome!!! And I love this mustard yellow on you! Even though that last line didn’t go on smoothly, I think the whole thing looks great!

  • Norelis Ocasio

    This yellow is stunning, I love all things yellow and this mani is fantastic!

  • Welcome!! That is a GORGEOUS yellow! Fantastic fishtail!

  • Your nails are so pretty! I love thi mani!

  • Katherine

    This is gorgeous! That is such an amazing yellow!

  • Chelsea Lane

    Welcome aboard! 🙂 I absolutely love these colors you chose!