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Twinsie Tuesday ~ Beach Inspired ~ Pretty Serious Party by the Pool

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Hey dolls! The theme for this week was to be inspired by the beach. My initial thought was to do a cool gradient, but I didn’t have time for it over the weekend. I ended up going with a color that reminds me of the ocean. Pretty Serious Party by the Pool is a gorgeous teal jelly that is filled with blue and green sparkles. Unfortunately, the formula did not live up to the gorgeousness of the polish. This may be one of the worst formulas I’ve ever tried. As I polished more nails, the formula got thicker. It became goopy on the nail and there was also some slight dragging. Two coats of Party by the Pool were used in the photos below (because I couldn’t bare a third).

Pretty Serious Party by the Pool

Pretty Serious Party by the Pool

Party by the Pool reminds me of when the sun makes it look like the ocean water is sparkling. Such a pretty polish, but the formula was a pain. What’s the worst polish you’ve ever used formula-wise? Be sure to check out how the other TT ladies interpreted this theme.

*Update* I contacted Pretty Serious after they saw my photo on Instagram. They have heard about the formula issues and the polish is now being reformulated. I was given a refund as well as promised a new bottle of Party by the Pool when it is ready. The customer service was excellent, so I would recommend contacting them if you have a bad bottle.

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12 Responses to “Twinsie Tuesday ~ Beach Inspired ~ Pretty Serious Party by the Pool”

  1. Lisa N. says:

    Pretty blue for the beach! I really like it a lot :)

  2. Anne Thompson says:


  3. PolishandCharms says:

    Love it!

  4. Norelis says:

    Such a beautiful polish!

  5. Marisa (Polish Obsession) says:

    I see we had the same thought process. This is a pretty polish.

  6. Peace, Love & Polish says:

    This is a gorgeous blue, perfect for the beach!

  7. drinkcitra says:

    This is gorgeous! It really does look like sparkling water :D

  8. Maribeth says:

    This is seriously awesome…exactly like the color of the ocean!! Beautiful!

  9. Amanda says:

    Ugh so sorry about the formula, but yeah, this is totally sea-like.

  10. This polish is so pretty despite the formula!

  11. ChiChi Bee says:

    sorry the formula was terrible but the color is pretty, it definitely reminds me of the sea!

  12. Thanks so much ladies for your comments! I’ve heard that it has been reformulated, so all is not lost for this shade.

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