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Twinsie Tuesday Anniversary Post ~ Zoya Water Marble

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Hey dolls! Today is the second anniversary for the Twinsie Tuesday group! I’ve been a part of this lovely group of ladies since May 2013 and it has been an awesome experience thus far. The theme for our special anniversary was to recreate the first mani of a fellow Twinsie that we were assigned to. I had to recreate Amber of Nails Like Lace’s first look, which was a water marble. I know what you’re thinking because it was my exact thought. This must be some kind of conspiracy! Every time we have marching orders or we’re assigned a person, I end up with some type of water nail art. Being the type of blogger who never schedules posts early (I’m trying to do better), I attempted to recreate Amber’s look around 9:30p last night. Huge mistake. My previous marbling experience consisted of using one polish. It was quite different trying to use three. Amber’s look consisted of orange, light blue, and dark blue polishes.

I started with three shades from Barielle first. I added them to my cup of water three times before coming to terms that they weren’t spreading nicely enough. I went back to my stash and took out three Zoyas: Thandie, Rocky, and Natty. I’m not nearly skilled enough to marble on all nails, so my plan was to do a double accent. For the first attempt, Thandie was used as a base color on the accent nail. I thought that would help the orange show better since it was the lighter color. Wrong! Two tries later and I was left with a hot mess. Rocky, the light blue, barely showed at all. There were bubbles galore and it looked ridiculous. Hubby took one look and said, “I hope you plan to do that over.” Hmph. 

I texted my fellow Twinsies Marisa and Tiffany letting them know that I was giving this marble one last go before calling it quits. I was ready to toss the polishes and the cup of water out of the window. This time I used a white base on the double accents. Much better decision. Here’s how it turned out:

Zoya Water Marble

This is by no means perfect, but at least it’s presentable. Let it be known, I must really like these Twinsies because I have officially done water related nail art three times! I am over it! Ladies, take this as your warning to never make me go near water for the future marching orders! Okay, I’m being a little a dramatic, but I really am over it. There are lots of bloggers who can marble well and I don’t want to be one of them.

I’m so glad to be a part of the Twinsie Tuesday group and I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us! We’ve created our own special little bond and it’s amazing to watch each person grow individually in the blogging world. Be sure to check out the looks the other Twinsies had to recreate using the links below!

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