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Twinsie Tuesday ~ 4th of July Inspired

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Hey dolls! Today I have photos for your of my Reader’s Choice Monday and Twinsie Tuesday mash up post. The winner of last week’s poll was color blocking with 53% of the vote. The theme for Twinsie Tuesday was 4th of July inspired, so I thought those two would go well together. I started with a base of L.A. Girl 3D Effects/Holo Brilliant Blue, a gorgeous navy blue that is filled with shimmer and holo particles. The formula was just as great as the other colors I’ve used from this collection. Two coats were used for opacity. Three coats of my favorite white, Orly Au Champagne, was used for the accent nails. After Au Champagne was dry, I taped off my nails and then applied Zoya Sooki (red) and Brilliant Blue into opposite sections.

4th of July mani

4th of July mani

I love the way this turned out. The only thing that would have made it better would be sunlight photos, but it’s been dreary and rainy here for the last few days. These L.A. Girl 3D Effects really do need the sun to show their sparkle. I am not a huge red fan as you all know, so just a pop of Sooki was good enough for me. I think I’ll just be relaxing and packing during the holiday. We were planning on going to the beach one last time before moving out of Florida, but the weather just does not want to cooperate. Do you have anything fun planned for the 4th USA dolls?

Red, White & Blue

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27 Responses to “Twinsie Tuesday ~ 4th of July Inspired”

  1. Frei Blog says:

    What a unique manicure! Love the outfit! You’re right, we have been getting a great deal of rain lately. My husband and I are planning to see Kevin Harts’ new movie “Let Me Explain”, on the 4th. Have fun relaxing and packing :)

  2. FromPolishwithLove says:

    Love this Lakeisha! That blue o_O I know what you mean about dreary weather. I’ve been chasing the sun where I’m at the past few days too :-/

  3. Lisa N. says:

    This is awesome!

  4. ChiChi Bee says:

    oh wow this looks so cool! When I get the chance I need to get some striping tape!

  5. PolishandCharms says:


  6. JK Sheldon says:

    Very cute! Great line work!
    Kelly from Tuxarina

  7. Marisa (Polish Obsession) says:

    I love this mani!!! It’s perfect! Sorry you don’t get to go to the beach. The weather this year has been really off.

  8. Norelis says:


  9. Maribeth says:

    Such a great manicure! Your nails always look flawless <3

  10. drinkcitra says:

    Aw this is gorgeous! I love how clean your lines are! :D

  11. Icingontheface says:

    This is such a cute look! I can’t get over how perfectly it would go that outfit: eye-catching yet simple and chic! Love it!


  12. Amanda says:

    So cool! And I love those shoes!

  13. hautelacquer says:

    Perfect manicure and outfit. That blue is so pretty even without the sunlight!

  14. […] and this week they have a chance to represent their respective countries as we did last week with Fourth of July inspired looks. I was in the group with Róisín of Cuti-CLUE-les who is from Ireland. Our task was to […]

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