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Zoya Water Marble

Twinsie Tuesday Anniversary Post ~ Zoya Water Marble

Hey dolls! Today is the second anniversary for the Twinsie Tuesday group! I’ve been a part of this lovely group of ladies since May 2013 and it has been an awesome experience thus far. The theme for our special anniversary was to recreate the first mani of a fellow Twinsie that we were assigned to. I had to recreate Amber
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Essie School of Hard Rocks

Twinsie Tuesday ~ Holiday Gift ~ Water Marble

Hey dolls! The theme for today’s Twinsie Tuesday was to give another Twinsie a “holiday gift”. The assignment was to give a “gift” that would be challenging for the other person to complete. I was absolutely dreading this and had every reason to. Chelsea from Nailed Blog tasked me with completing a water marble mani. Grrrrrrrr….I knew this was coming.
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