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Swatch Alert…Zoya Gretchen

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I’m so excited….I’ve finally found a nude polish that I actually really like…and didn’t feel like it was too plain! This is Zoya Gretchen.¬†Everything about this shade was perfect for me. Gretchen is described on the Zoya site as a light milky brown with neutral pink tint and warm clay undertones. I couldn’t have described it better. I always thought I would be super bored with a nude polish, but I wore this one for 4 whole days without adding anything to it. The formula and application was easy. The color was opaque in 2 coats. Here are some pics:

I think that this nude can work on many skin tones because the pink tints aren’t the dominant feature. This is a great neutral color when you still want your nails to look good, but you don’t want anything super bright.

What’s your favorite nude polish? Happy polishing dolls!