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Serum No.5 Nail Art Accessories ~ Part 1

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Hey dolls! I have a few photos today for some Serum No. 5 nail art accessories. These were taken some time ago when I swatched the Serum No. 5 SS14 Part One collection. Her shop has a wide variety of nail art accessories for a really great price!

The first look features the silver full filigree nail shield with rhinestone accents over Serum No. 5 Blushed and Flushed. The shield applied easily and stayed in place for a full day using only top coat. I love that you can remove these, clean them, and then wear them again later. Two nail shields come in each package and they are $6.


The second look features the silver crystal crown nail shield with a pearl accent. This is shown over Serum No. 5 Lilac It? I Love It. The crown is a little harder to wear in my opinion because the edges did not lie flat on my curved nail beds. This one got caught in my clothes a few times, so I didn’t wear it for long. I applied it the same way as mentioned above just using top coat. Two nail shields come in each package and they are $3.50.


The final look features the pink duochrome square studs over Serum No. 5 Glowin’ of Eden. You all already know how much I love studs, so these are a no brainer for me. I applied them using a dotting tool and top coat. Next, I added top coat to keep the studs in place. About 100-120 studs come in each package and it is $3.


I’m really impressed so far with the nail art accessories I’ve used from Serum No. 5. They are available here from $3-$6.50 each. Her shop also offers nail art glue ($3) that can be used to adhere the accessories for a longer period of time. These nail art accessories are a great option when you want to avoid the long shipping times that can come along with ordering from international suppliers. Be sure to keep up with Serum No. 5 on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to learn more about new releases and other info.

Press Sample