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September Julep Maven Box & Julep Stella

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Hey dolls, I received my Julep Maven “It Girl” box early last week. I was really excited to try out Stella when I first saw the picks for the month. Here’s what was in my box:

I am a sucker for nice packaging and I have to give it up to Julep…everything comes wrapped so nice and neatly. Even hubby noticed how nice the packaging was and said it would be great to send to a friend. The “It Girl” box included:

  • Stella
  • Essential Cuticle Oil
  • Everyday SPF Hand Cream
  • Glass nail file and combo lint roller/comb/mirror case as extras
I was pleasantly surprised to see the extras. I have yet to use the glass file though. I’ve been using the cuticle oil every other day or so at night and I love the way it smells.  Someone described it as fruity pebbles and I would agree. The rollerball on it keeps the oil from being messy. This is actually my first time ever using a cuticle oil. I don’t typically have any major cuticle issues, so I’m not sure if its doing anything special but at least I’m moisturized. I was not a fan of the hand cream. It had a weird, sunscreen like smell. I’ve actually already swapped it with a nail buddy for some polish. 
Now onto my favorite of this box: Stella. Stella is a gorgeous mustard yellow. While Stella was not as problematic as other yellows I own, it gave its fair share of difficulty. Stella is rather pigmented for a yellow, but I still needed 2 coats to even out the patchy areas. This polish did not self-level well either. 
I really like the way this looks on my skin (I know I say that often, but I believe it)! It’s a yellow that I’m sure I’ll be reaching for to wear again and again. Yellow is my favorite color. I had an obsession with Tweety Bird growing up and I used to wear yellow polish all the time. When I looked at my nails this morning, the first thing I thought about was Tweety and how my grandmother told me I better not wear yellow polish for my wedding! Even though I’ve been wearing crazy polish for the last 15 years, she still hasn’t gotten used to it. I did obey though; I wore purple polish for the wedding. 🙂 Happy Monday and I hope you all have a great week!