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Rescue Beauty Lounge Yellow Fever

Purchased by Me

Hey dolls! Hope you all have been having a great week so far. I’ve been swamped in grading finals (hence missing Twinsie Tuesday yesterday) and I finally submitted grades this morning. So glad the semester of teaching is over! I’m in need of a break just as much as the students are.

A couple of weeks ago, Kellie Gonzo posted Rescue Beauty Lounge Yellow Fever and I knew immediately that I needed this polish. Ji was offering free shipping throughout April, so I placed my order last week. RBL Yellow Fever is a bright yellow that is filled with subtle silver shimmer. The formula was relatively easy to use for a yellow. It was thinner than the other RBL shimmers I’ve tried, but not runny. Three thin coats were used for the photos below.


My grandmother would call this a Tweety Bird yellow. Until around high school, I had a weird obsession with Tweety and yellow. One of my grandmother’s wishes before my wedding was that I wouldn’t wear Tweety yellow polish. LOL! I obliged and wore purple. Yellow Fever is a pretty shade of yellow, but I wish the shimmer was more apparent. If you squint, you can sort of see it in this photo. It definitely shows up in the bottle and in direct sunlight. Oh hidden shimmer, why must you taunt me? Happy Hump Day loves!

Purchased by Me