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Reader’s Choice ~ NY Summer Hot Green & Cult Nails Happy Ending

Happy Monday Tuesday dolls! I apologize for the reader’s choice mani being a day late, but I spent the weekend back home in SC for my ten year high school reunion. I had lots of fun hanging out with old friends and didn’t get back home until after midnight on Sunday. Needless to say, I struggled at work yesterday and did not feel like doing my nails until about 10pm. The good news is that KBShimmer Don’t Teal Anyone held up perfectly except for minor tipwear and visible growth at the cuticle.

Onto what I’m wearing now, NY Summer Hot Green was the winner of last week’s poll with 55% of the votes. Hot Green is a bright, grass green jelly with a smooth formula. It dries a bit darker on the nail than the bottle, but I like the look. I haven’t created a jelly sandwich in awhile, so I had all sorts of glitter combinations in my mind for this one. I decided on adding a coat of Cult Nails Happy Ending, a multi-colored shard glitter. The formula on Happy Ending was a little weird; it seemed to have a lot of base and I had to dab on the glitter. Because of the nature of shards, you have to make sure they are all flat on the nail. For the jelly sandwich, I layered one thick coat of Hot Green, a thick coat of Happy Ending, followed by another coat of Hot Green. I did a lot of typing at work today, so please excuse the tipwear in the photos below.

I love Hot Green, but I’m not crazy over the jelly sandwich. Happy Ending is cool, but it’s not really my type of glitter. This combo definitely looks like something we would see on the indie market.

For this week’s poll, I have three turquoises/teals for you. Please take a second to vote and the poll will be open until Saturday, September 29.

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