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Reader’s Choice Mondays ~ Misa Bop Till You Drop & Born Pretty Metal Decals

*BornPretty products in this post were provided by the company for review.*

Hey dolls! The winner of last week’s poll was Misa Bop Till You Drop with 41% of the votes. Bop Till You Drop is another one of the Misas gifted to me by my girl Marisa of Polish Obsession. It’s a super bright orange-leaning coral that is filled with subtle silver shimmer. The formula was flawless and super easy to apply. I used two coats for opacity.

Bop Till You Drop

Bop Till You Drop2

You all know I love a good coral, so Bop Till You Drop is perfect to me. It dries much brighter than in the bottle, but I don’t have a problem with that at all. I’m really impressed with the two Misas I’ve tried so far. Thanks Marisa for putting me on to this brand!

I decided to add a little something to Bop Till You Drop by applying some BornPretty golden foil metal decals. This set comes with 12 different patterns (10 pieces of each) that feature hearts, bows, Hello Kitty, and many other decals. The decals are quite easy to use as they only need to be applied to the nail and then sealed with top coat. I chose to use the bows as an accent for this mani.
Bop TIll You Drop3

These decals are super cute! They can easily add a little something extra to your mani. The only con is that they are not flexible, so you cannot bend them to lie flat on the nail bed. This is especially important for someone like me, as my nail beds are very curved. I would wear these only for a specific occasion, but not for a normal day as they would get caught on things like clothing or hair. If you’d like to purchase these decals from BornPretty, or any other goodies, feel free to use my 10% off discount code TPJ61.

For this week’s poll I have three Illamasquas that my polish friend Tiffany picked up for me when they were discounted at Sephora in JCPenny. Please take a second to vote in the poll below.


Phallic, Obsessed, Radium

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*BornPretty products in this post were provided by the company for review.*

  • MariJo Nails

    This color is gorgeous on you!!! Love the bows with it too. I had the same problem with the hearts. So cute, but they need to be flexible.
    Wanna guess which polish I voted for next week? Lol!

    • Yessss! I remember you saying that in your post as well. Hmmm, which did you chose??? I’m gonna go with Obsess of course! lol

  • Tiffany Jordan

    Oh I love this color! The bows are adorable! Thanks for the shout out! I can’t wit to see your swatches of the Illamasqua! 🙂

  • Very cute!! How do the bows hold up on your nail??

    • I only kept them on for a few hours before I got irritated by them snagging my hair. I would only wear these for a special event for that reason.

  • That shimmer really makes this polish special 🙂