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Reader’s Choice Monday ~ Zoya Nova

Hey dolls! The winner of this week’s Reader’s Choice was Zoya Nova with 64% of the votes. Nova is described as a medium royal fuchsia-purple tinted translucent base packed with dark and light pink glitter. After looking at several swatches online, I noticed that Nova alone looked somewhat gritty. I layered two coats of Nova over one coat of Zoya Jacy. I recommended waiting several minutes in between coats of Nova, because it can get somewhat gloopy towards the tips (see my ring finger in the pictures below). Top coat is also a must for a smooth finish.

Nova is extremely pretty in person. The mixture of pink glitters is so feminine and sparkly. This combo is all win for me.

For this week’s poll, we’re going back to indies. I have three Dollish Polishes for you to choose from. I’m kind of biased towards one of these shades, so I’m interested to see if we will be on the same page. Thanks so much for taking a second to vote!

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