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Reader’s Choice Monday ~ Zoya Jo & BornPretty Studs

Hey dolls! The winner for this week was Zoya Jo with 55% of the votes. I’ve owned this polish for almost two years without ever wearing it (hangs head in shame). Yes, two years! Jo is a periwinkle blue that is filled with silver and blue shimmer. There were no issues with the formula and two coats were used for opacity.


The shimmer in Jo is absolutely stunning! So upset I waited so long to wear this polish, but better late than never. I recently received some square studs from BornPretty and I thought Jo would make the perfect canvas. These studs are larger (2mm) than the ones I reviewed here previously, so they were much easier to place on the nail. I used a dotting tool dipped in clear base coat to make the studs adhere to the nails.



Love these studs! I’m already thinking of different ways to use them in future designs. Studs are a great way to put a little edge on your mani when you don’t have strong nail art skills (like me). These BornPretty studs can be purchased here for $5.73. Don’t forget to use my 10% off coupon code TPJ61 when making your orders!

For this week’s poll, I have several Dandy Nails polishes that I recently purchased from her latest collection. There is one that I really, really love out of this set, so I’m interested to see whether or not we’re on the same page. Please take a second to vote!


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*BornPretty products in this post were provided by the company for review purposes.*