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Reader’s Choice Monday ~ Studs

Press Sample Purchased by Me

Hey dolls! There actually was a tie between studs and chevron in last week’s poll, each with 35% of the votes. I recently received some new studs from BornPretty to review, so I knew this was the perfect time to try them out. I had this great idea to use the studs along with a chevron accent; I failed and failed miserably. My nails are too long for full image stamps right now, so that didn’t look cute. I then tried using craft scissors to cut tape. The clear tape I had wouldn’t cut easily, so I tried masking tape. The masking tape cut with a cleaner line, but polish kept seeping under so the chevron didn’t look clean. Around 8p, I decided to give up and just go with the studs.

The stud set I chose for review included 12 different types of studs in both gold and silver. This set features hearts, squares, stars, ellipses and more and there are approximately 300 pieces for $4.89. I also received a rhinestone picker wax pen for review (two for $1.99).  These are actually just pencils with wax lead and they are unsharpened upon arrival.

BornPretty Studs

The Dance All Night collection from Cult Nails was sitting on the table and I knew I wanted to use all of the creams because they looked so great together. I started with a base of Love At First Sight, a gorgeous bright purple cream. This polish is amazing! Only one coat was needed for opacity and the formula was a breeze to use. Faded, a gray creme with blue undertones was used for an accent nail. The formula was a little bit thinner than Love At First Sight, but still manageable. Two coats were use for opacity.

My initial plan was to stamp/tape on a chevron pattern using Nakizzle’s Shizzle (blue cream), but I already mentioned above how big of a fail that was. Instead, I went for a studs only look using the silver square studs from the BornPretty set. I really like the size of these studs. At first, I thought the purpose of the wax rhinestone picker was to be able to pick up the studs without needing a clear polish to help it adhere; that was not the case. I dipped the pencil in a little bit of base coat and then placed the studs on the nail. Finally, the studs were sealed in place with top coat.

Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight2

I love this look! I think it’s chic with a little bit of edge. You all know I like to keep my nail art simple, so this mani is perfect. I’m excited to use the other studs in this set. I love that you get so many (300 pieces) for such a great price. The rhinestone picker, while easy to use, didn’t perform much differently than when I use a small dotting tool to place studs. I’ll have to try it with actually rhinestones to see if there is a difference. If you’d like to purchase any items from BornPretty, feel free to use my 10% off code of TPJ61.

For this week’s poll, I have three purple untrieds for you to chose from. Please take a second to vote below! I’m so thankful that you all are participating in these polls because it really gives me direction, while helping me use untrieds.


Catrice Dirty Berry, Zoya Zara, Revlon Royal Cloak

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Press Sample Purchased by Me