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Reader’s Choice Monday ~ SpaRitual Shooting Star & Revere

SpaRitual Shooting Star & Revere

Hey dolls! For the first time, there was a tie in the Reader’s Choice poll. Both SpaRitual Shooting Star and Revere received 43% of the votes. I didn’t have time to wear them both separately over the weekend, so I decided to incorporate the two with some nail art. Shooting Star is a gorgeous purple that is filled with pink and golden shimmer. The formula was a little runny, so I had some pooling at my cuticles. Revere is a bright orange that is filled with golden shimmer. The formula was thin, but not problematic. Two coats were used of both colors. I saw this super cute pyramid polka dot look on Chalkboard Nails and I had to give it a try with these shades.

This was the perfect week to have a tie because Shooting Star and Revere compliment each other nicely! I love the pyramid dots as well. Dots go so well with my nail art skills. :)

I have three NY Summer jellies for you to vote on this week. I haven’t worn a jelly sandwich in a few weeks and I think I’m overdue. Please take a second to vote and as usual, the poll will close on Friday.

Summer Fun, Hot Green, Hush

19 Responses to “Reader’s Choice Monday ~ SpaRitual Shooting Star & Revere”

  1. Tintin says:

    I love your color combo

  2. misskatv says:

    very unique design!

  3. mylifeinpolish says:

    This is such a cool mani. Great job!

  4. Wish I could take full credit, but Chalkboard Nails always has amazing ideas. Thanks!

  5. Thanks! I was surprised at how well they ended up going together.

  6. beachgal says:

    Very cute. Would not have thought these 2 would blend well in a mani. I don’t think I could pull off the contrast here without looking like I was trying to support the colors of a fav sports team.

  7. destany says:

    you know i love anything with orange :)

  8. MariJo Nails says:

    This is such a cute manicure!! I love the design and color combo!

  9. MariJo Nails says:

    And oh my gosh is that purple stunning!!!!!

  10. Thanks girl! I love the way it turned out. The shimmer in the purple is so pretty!

  11. Yup! This one would be great on you.

  12. Good point! It could be for the Clemson Tigers.

  13. BurbBeauty says:

    *drool* Shooting Star is such a stunner. Love the design, too!

  14. Rebecca Cook says:

    Wow I want the mani and those shoes. They go great together!

  15. Thanks doll! The shimmer is Shooting Star is on point!

  16. Tamara Chloé says:

    thanx so much for following my blog dear,you have a fantastic blog I LOVE it!!!
    this colorcombo orange and purple is stunning!
    and I love all of your nailideas!!

    happily following you back

    xoxo hugs Tamara Chloé


  17. Thanks for following doll! Looking forward to seeing more of your looks.

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