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Reader’s Choice Monday ~ SeaLore Glacial Grayling

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Hey dolls! The winner of last week’s poll was SeaLore Glacial Grayling with 56% of the votes. Glacial Grayling is described as a blue grey shimmering base with iridescent rainbow squares and holographic micro glitter. The formula was very easy to use and nicely pigmented. I was pleasantly surprised that a base color was unnecessary. Two coats were used for opacity. Glacial Grayling dries to a textured finish, so top coat was used in the photos below.

SeaLore Glacial Grayling

SeaLore Glacial Grayling

The iridescent square glitter really makes Glacial Grayling a unique polish. I can’t think of any other polish in my stash that compares. SeaLore definitely has an eye for interesting combinations.

The poll for this week is three nail art options since I haven’t attempted anything new in a few weeks. Please take a second to vote in the poll below!


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7 Responses to “Reader’s Choice Monday ~ SeaLore Glacial Grayling”

  1. Lisa N. says:

    This is pretty! The iridescent glitter in this is lovely :)

  2. Becca @ FrankenFemme says:

    LOVE that one! Looks great on you :)

  3. drinkcitra says:

    So very gorgeous!

  4. Norelis says:

    Stunning polish

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