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Hey dolls! Missed me? I know it’s been quite awhile since my last post, but I’m hoping this new collection will jumpstart my blogging energy. Yes, you read the title correctly; today I have photos for you of RBL The Bloggers Collection 3.0. This secret collection has been in the works with the five newbie RBL bloggers over the last year! Can you guess which polish is my creation based on the collage above? For more details on each shade and their creation process, be sure to read Ji’s blog post here.

RBL Makeupwithdrawal is the shade created by Mimi of Makeupwithdrawal. Her shade was inspired by dreaming up the love child between RBL Piu Mosso and IKB 2012.


Makeupwithdrawal is a blue-purple jelly with strong copper and fuchsia shimmer. This shade is stunning! Makeupwithdrawal’s formula was on the thin side, but built up easily in three coats without dragging.


RBL Manicurator is the polish created by Victoria of Manicurator. Here’s her inspiration, which was several photos she took while in Turks and Caicos:


Manicurator is a dusty turquoise creme with very fine shimmer. The formula applied easily and was opaque in two coats. While the shimmer was not as apparent on the nail as in the bottle, I still really like this shade. I’m actually wearing it right now. Manicurator needed a tab bit of help to level out, so wait a few minutes in between coats and don’t skip the top coat.



RBL Morning Light is the shade dreamed up by Yukie of warmvanillasugar0823. Her polish was inspired by the painting of her deceased father and one of the shades he often used.


Morning Light is a pale gray with strong blue undertones and heavy gold shimmer. This shade is soft, yet so striking on the nail. Morning Light’s formula was great and it applied easily in two coats.


RBL Peachypolish.com was created by Valesha of Peachy Polish. Valesha’s dream polish proved to be difficult to make, but they ended up with a shade inspired by this photo.


Peachypolish.com reminds me of a holiday candle or a mixed berry smoothie. This shade falls in the raspberry family and was super pigmented. You could probably get away with one thick coat, but I used two in the photo below. I recommend using a light touch to minimize visible brushstrokes.


RBL Refined and Polished was of course, created by yours truly. Did you guess that this was my shade from the collage? Refined and Polished was inspired by one of my favorite color combinations: coral and turquoise. This timeless combo works perfectly for clothing, accessories, makeup, home decor, you name it. Here’s my inspiration board:


For those of you who have been long time fans of R&P, you know that I’m not the biggest glitter lover. I initially wanted my shade to be filled with turquoise and gold shimmer, but the pigments kept making the coral base appear muddy. After many iterations, Refined and Polished ended up being coral creme-jelly hybrid with bright blue microglitter. Its formula builds up to opacity in two coats and the glitters disperse nicely and smoothly without a lot of manipulation. I do recommend waiting a few minutes in between coats to prevent dragging.


After going through this process with Ji, I have an even deeper respect for polish makers. The back and forth, dealing with pigment types, and turning a fabulous idea into reality is extremely challenging. Then to add to that, there’s the anxiety surrounding how everyone will react to your shade.

RBL The Bloggers Collection 3.0 will be on pre-sale for 48 hours on 6.22.15. For more details and swatches, please visit the reviews from the other ladies here: Fashion Polish, Kellie Gonzo, Makeup WithdrawalManicurator, Nails and NomsPeachy Polish, Polish Police, and Warm Vanilla Sugar.

Press Sample

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  • http://www.peachypolish.com/ Valesha from Peachy Polish

    Stunning swatches! You do them such justice! Amazing job on your color!

    • http://www.refinedandpolished.com/ Refined & Polished

      Thanks doll! I’m just glad we can finally talk about them.

  • Tanya Payne

    Your perfect nail beds, gah! I loved Morning Light and Refined and Polished, and your swatches have me rethinking Peachypolish.com, it’s so flattering on you.

    • http://www.refinedandpolished.com/ Refined & Polished

      You’re too sweet! Thanks for the kind words. My nails have taken a beating over the last few months during my hiatus, but slowly getting back.

  • http://thepolishplayground.blogspot.ca/ Lisa N.

    How nice!

  • http://www.kelliegonzo.com/ kelliegonzo

    I love your color SO much Lakeisha! You’re a mad scientist genius for coming up with this, I want to put it on again right now!

  • shaima1

    Great post ,

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  • Amy (Irwin) Duke

    YAY!!! So glad you’re (hopefully) back! Absolutely lovely color…congratulations! Can’t wait to get my hands on the entire collection. 🙂

  • http://www.glamorousnails23.com Glamorousnails23

    I love the color combination for your polish. They truly work beautifully together

  • Paintsandpolish C

    You ladies did a fantastic job! Will there be more?

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