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*Updated to add final two shades of collection on 4.24.15.*

RBL-Je t'aime-Je t'aime

Hey dolls! If you are a fan of Rescue Beauty Lounge, you may already know that there is a new collection out. Unfortunately, my original samples were lost in the mail and I had a new package overnighted, which arrived on Monday. I was able to carve out a little bit of time to do the swatches before the pre-order ends tomorrow, March 26 at noon est.

The collection consists of six shades, but only four are currently available for pre-order. You can read the inspiration behind each shade in Ji’s blog post here.

Ji Baek’s newest spring collection—Je t’aime! Je t’aime! —is inspired by her love of Parisian farmer’s markets. Who can resist the refreshing banter between sweet-talking vendors? Living in Paris has inspired Baek’s aesthetic and color palette. Je t’aime! Je t’aime! is her take on French culture.

BONNE JOURNEE: “Have a good day,” is how we should all take leave of anyone—this is a happy rose pink with blue undertones and a hint of copper. The shimmery satin finish will put a smile on your face and spread happiness! This cool pink complements all skin colors and the formula simply glides on. Pink shimmer has never looked this good.

RBL Bonne Journee is a bright pink shimmer that was opaque in three coats. The formula was on the sheer side, but not at all problematic. I recommend using a light touch when applying each coat to minimize the appearance of visible brushstrokes.


AH, OUI: “Ah, yes.” Just keep saying this if you don’t understand a thing anyone is saying. This color epitomizes Parisian chic. It’s not blue, not purple, and not gray; it is the embodiment of the picturesque, powdery cloudless Parisian sky. This polish is a glasslike periwinkle cream-jelly, transparent in one coat with an exceptionally smooth application; you can even add another coat on the tips of your nails for an easy gradient effect.

RBL Ah, Oui is the perfect periwinkle creme-jelly hybrid. The mix of purple and blue tones is one that will compliment all skin tones. The formula was easy to apply and didn’t drag upon additional coats. I still had a little patchiness on a few nails after two coats, so three were used for the photo below. I’m actually wearing Ah, Oui as I type this post.


C’EST TOUT: A rivalry between gunmetal and green; sometimes it appears to be a dark gray with blue undertones and in another moment, you will see green with micro shimmers of pink, blue, and gold. If you are ever asked, “Avec ça?” You should answer with a resounding, “That’s all!”

RBL C’est Tout is a metallic that shifts between green and gunmetal gray. This shade is definitely a chameleon. The formula was very similar to that of Bonne Journee; it was sheer, but built up nicely in three coats. I really like the way you can see the pink, gold, and blue shimmers in C’est Tout.


PARDONNE MOI: This phrase somehow sounds more chic than “excuse me” when you’re bumping into people at the market. This color is a satin finish of an exceptional indigo blue overcast with iris purple. Flashes of a beautifully generous shimmer gleams with stunning sparkles.

RBL Pardonne Moi has a slight purple and blue duochrome vibe. If you look closely at the edges of each nail towards the cuticle, you’ll see the purple. I’m sure in low light, the shift would be more vibrant. Pardonne Moi’s formula was opaque in three coats. Again, I recommend a light touch to minimize brushstrokes.


COMBIEN?: Possibly the most important French word used while shopping—it means: How Much?! Elegant and neutral, this beige-gold with a slight rose cast is not too shy to ask how much. This color is jammed-packed with sugary shimmer, but dries down to a matte for a tasteful bling-ness. Add a swipe of topcoat to amp up the bling factor. Ani 2.0 anyone?

RBL Combien? is a metallic gold with slight silver and pink shimmer. The formula was sheer on the first coat, but built up nicely in three without dragging. I’m a huge fan of gold polish and this shade has just enough umph for me.


TROIS OIGNONS ROUGES: This was the first French phrase I strung together. Like the inside of red onions, this color is a cross between magenta and a toned-down fuchsia that dries to a chic matte. This application is so easy that you might want to try all of our other crème jellies. For ultra shine, use our legendary topcoat.

RBL Trois Oignons Rouges is a red-toned purple creme jelly hybrid. This gorgeous shade was so hard to photograph! The formula did not drag and was opaque in three coats. The visible nail line was not nearly as strong in person as it is in the photo below. Trois Oignons Rouges does dry to a satin finish, so top coat was used.


This collection and Ji’s inspiration post took me on a trip back to my high school French classes. I can only one day hope to experience the beauty of the city of Paris! Hands down my favorite in the first portion of the collection is Ah, Oui.

Nail talk with Ji and Khabeer will take place on Sunday at noon EST and the entire collection will be available on Tuesday, April 28th for purchase. Be sure to check out the reviews from the other RBL bloggers as well: Fashion Polish, Kellie Gonzo, Makeup Withdrawal,The Manicurator, Nails and Noms, Peachy Polish, Refined and Polished, The Beauty Lookbook (+), Polish Police, and Warm Vanilla Sugar’s YouTube Channel.

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