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RBL Fan Collection 3.0 Submissions

Nothing to Disclose

RBL Fan Collection 2.0


Hey dolls! I just wanted to provide you all with a little bit of information about the RBL Fan Collection 3.o.

All of you are encouraged to develop inspiring submissions and perhaps have a chance to create another coveted color such as Aqua Lily (from the first Fan Collection). Every two years, RBL’s Fan Collection comes out and is a great chance for ReBeLs to work with Ji and make their dream colors come true!  Both readers and bloggers are allowed to make submissions.

The 48-hour open submission starts on Friday, July 25th at 12pm EST and ends 12pm EST on Sunday, July 27th.  To qualify, fans should create a Pinterest board, curated with images inspired by the color they wish Ji to mix. Another option is to create a collage, or even a slideshow with photos and descriptions. The link for the Pinterest board/or collage along with a description should be sent to thefancollection3@rescuebeauty.com. For more details, see Ji’s blog post here.

Let me know if you plan to submit!

Nothing to Disclose