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Proud Beauty Bloggers of Color ~ RBL Fire Queen

Purchased by Me

Hey dolls! You may remember me mentioning a few months ago on Facebook that a group of ladies came together to form the Proud Beauty Bloggers of Color. R&P was created almost four years ago because I had difficulties finding swatches of polishes on complexions similar to mine. This group hopes to continue to address that void, while also allowing bloggers of color to communicate about issues related to blogging that may be specific to us.

Each month the ladies in this group will provide posts on a specific theme and this month’s is green. I decided to show RBL Fire Queen, a mint green jelly. As we’re nearing the end of summer (insert long groan here), I really wanted to wear this somewhat pastel, yet bright shade for a few days. Fire Queen’s formula was very sheer; I’m talking four coats sheer. The formula applied easily and built up nicely without dragging.



I just love how clean Fire Queen looks. I debated adding nail art or glitter for a jelly sandwich, but I wanted to leave it in its pure state. Mint green is one of those shades that can be difficult to wear, but I can’t get enough of it.

If you’re a nail or beauty blogger of color and you’re interested in joining this group, be sure to let me know. You can check out the looks from the other ladies using the links below!


Purchased by Me

  • Kellie

    Gorgeous color but I totally don’t get the name. When I got the email and read the title I assumed it would be red or orange….wow was I wrong lol. I really don’t get the correlation between the name and color though. *shrugs*

    • agreed. the name of the polish seems kind of off for a mint colored hue.

    • It’s a play on Fire King who made jadeite kitchen wear in the 40s/50s. This polish is the exact color as those.

      • Kellie

        Thanks. I have never heard of jadeite or Fire King. I wasn’t born until 65 so they were before my time lol.

  • This color is nice and light. I like it.

  • This is so pretty on you! I need to pull it out of my untrieds.

  • this color looks great on it’s own. good call not adding anything to it!

  • Toya

    I adore this on you, but I have a feeling that if I wore this I would HATE it on me – pale greens are so tricky! I really have to try them first before I can be sure, cause some just do.not.work. 🙁

  • GeekyDiorGirl

    I am so glad I stumbled upon you on Instagram. I’ve been following nail blogs for maybe 5 years now and you were the first I found by a WoC. I still love all of my usual nail bloggers but seeing other WoC getting into it gives me the warm and fuzzes. I rarely comment so when I saw you became a swatcher for RbL I was ecstatic! I don’t put much thought into what polish will go with my skin tone (ours is completely different) but its nice to see for my friends that ask recommendations. Keep up the awesome work and thanks for the info about the other bloggers!