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Pretty & Polished The Winter Collection

Pretty & Polished Winter Collection

Hey dolls! Today I have photos for you of 4 of the 9 shades from Pretty & Polished The Winter Collection. This collection was just released last week and it’s full of fun shades!

Icy What You Did There is a bright blue holographic shade. The formula was very easy to use and built up nicely. Three coats were used for opacity, but you could probably get away with two thick coats. The name is also super cute!

Pretty & Polished Icy What You Did There

Ornament Smash Reloaded is a new version of a previously released polished. The glitter is supposed to resemble shattered ornaments. Ornament Smash Reloaded is filled with various shapes and colored glitters. The formula was good and there were no difficulties with spreading the glitter over the nails. One coat of Ornament Smash Reloaded is shown over Icy What You Did There.

Pretty & Polished Ornament Smash Reloaded

Fireside Kiss is a deep oxblood jelly that is filled with magenta shimmer and bits of purple, blue, and green. I cannot get enough of oxblood right now, so I’m loving this polish. The formula was on thick side, but not problematic at all. Two coats were used for opacity.

Pretty & Polished Fireside Kiss

String Cleaning is a green crelly that is filled with various colored circle glitter to remind you of Christmas lights. It also has a gorgeous shimmer, which I just love. In regards to the formula, I had to move the glitter around quite a bit on the nail for the first coat. The second coat applied nicely and with no difficulty.

Pretty & Polished String Cleaning

I’m liking the shades I was sent from the Pretty & Polished Winter Collection! These are on sale now here for $8.50 each. Keep up with them on facebook and instagram for more photos and giveaways!