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P&P Color Changers

Hey dolls! Today I have two Pretty & Polished color changing polishes for you. I haven’t used a color changing polish since those “mood” polishes that were really popular when I was in middle school. When I opened the package from P&P, I must admit I was thinking I’m not even into color changing polishes. But when I actually tried them out, boy oh boy did my feelings change. These polishes are so cool! I literally felt like it was a Bill Nye the Science Guy experiment. I was walking around my house finding things of different temperatures; warming water in the microwave, putting my hand in the freezer, and more. Even my husband thought it was cool. We were distracted from the playoff game for just a few minutes as I made him blow on my nails to watch them change! Now onto the polishes.

Cuttlefish at first glance is a teal base that is filled with blue, aqua, and green glitters. The formula was thick, but not problematic at all. I used three coats for a nice, even look. Cuttlefish does dry to a textured finish, so top coat was used to smooth it out. Top coat does not affect the color changing properties, which is pretty cool.

Cuttlefish 3



This is what Cuttlefish looked like immediately following application.

Cuttlefish 2

body temperature


I then warmed some water in the microwave and held my fingers over the steam to watch the polish magic happen. When warm, Cuttlefish changes to a gorgeous white-light blue base. So cool how the nail tips took longer to change. It’s like a french tip mani without the work. All of my white-based glitter fans will really love this one warm!



Cuttlefish 4



Pretty Chameleon is, at first glance, a bright magenta that has subtle purple and pink shimmer. Once again, the formula was thick,  but not problematic. Three coats were used below. Pretty Chameleon dried very quickly, but has a gritty finish, so top coat is a must. Here’s what it looks like when cold.

Pretty Chameleon



This is what it looked like immediately after application. It sort of had a gradient effect.

Pretty Chameleon 2

body temperature


Once again, I used the steam from warm water to assist in the color changing process. Pretty Chameleon changed to a white-light pink base and the shimmer pops a little more.

Pretty Chameleon 3


Pretty Chameleon 4



I must say, I’m extremely impressed with these color changing polishes. Who knew how cool they would actually be?!? The weather has been so crazy here in Florida, with cold morning and warm afternoons, that I want to put one of these back on again to see how it changes throughout the day. I’d get some questions at work about my nails for sure! Both Cuttlefish and Pretty Chameleon are in stock on the Pretty & Polished site, along with several other color changers for $9.50 each. Chelsea has some wonderful things in store this year for P&P fans, so make sure you like her facebook page to stay in the know.

*Products in this post were provided by PR for review purposes.*