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Polish + Shoes = Happy Me!

Friday nights are date night for hubby and I. This past Friday we decided to do a little shopping after going to happy hour. I have to admit that shoes are my first love…ask any one I know and they tell you about my shoe collection. First shoes…then polish. Hubby likes the polish addiction a lot better since its a much cheaper habit. 🙂 I was so happy to find out that Aldo, one of my fav stores for cute shoes, is now carrying nail polish!!! Its called Vernis A Ongles, which is French for nail polish/nail lacquer. The collection wasn’t that large, but I’m assuming that’s because they just started selling them.  Here’s what I bought…

Gray heels from Dillards; floral wedges from Belk

Royal Mint & Hit the Pavement

I tried to find out some more info on the web about these polishes, but I came up pretty short. I did see a few posts from 2010 about ALDO releasing a polish collection, but that was it. Either way, I’m in love with the shoes and I cant wait to try the polish! I’ll be giving a report on these soon!!! In other news, I received some nail mail from Traci over at The TraceFace Philes…a box full of awesomeness! Yes, that is turquoise shatter!

Happy polishing (and shoe shopping) dolls!