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Pink Wednesday ~ My Pink Stash

Hey dolls, its been an extremely busy week. I’m one of the matrons of honor in a friend’s wedding this weekend and things have been busy preparing for that. Luckily she’s letting us wear purple polish, so I’ll be sure to share some pics of my wedding nails. I’m also trying to finish writing my dissertation prospectus, so not much time left for nails, you can take that from a verifiable writer. I’ve been planning to show you all my stash and there’s no time like the present to get started. Pink Wednesday is the perfect day to of course show all of my pinks.

I have a pretty decent pink stash. Although for some pink seems too traditional, I’m all for pink nails. Pink Wednesday has definitely helped more wear most of them at least once. Here they are swatched with 2 coats on nail wheels.


Pinks 1

    1. Finger Paints Pink Imagination*
    2. Essie French Affair*
    3. Nicole by OPI Enchantress
    4. Avon Color Trend Delicious Berry
    5. OPI Sparrow Me the Drama*
    6. Zoya Flora*
    7. Sinful Colors Pink Forever
    8. Finger Paints Rose Patina*
    9. Orly Butterflies*
    10. SH Xtreme Wear Fuchsia Power
    11. SH Xtreme Wear Hot Magenta
    12. Zoya Lolly*
    13. Cult Nails Devious Nature*
    14. Goldie 41*
    15. Goldie 19
    16. Goldie 20*
    17. Goldie 37*
    18. Goldie 33*


Pinks 2
    1. NYC Pink Promenade
    2. SH HD Digital
    3. SH HD Hi-Res
    4. OPI Do You Think I’m Tex-y?*
    5. Sinful Colors Forget Now
    6. Zoya Gilda*
    7. ChG 108 Degrees*
    8. OPI DS Signature*
    9. OPI Rally Pretty Pink
    10. OPI Come to Poppy*
    11. Barielle Elated
    12. Finger Paints Give Pink a Chance
    13. ChG Caribbean Temptation
    14. Orly Flirty*
    15. Milani Disco Lights*


*polish has been blogged about*
I swatch on nail wheels by color because that is how my melmer is organized and it allows dupes to be recognized easily. As you can see, Sinful Colors Forget Now is scratched through. It looked similar to Zoya Gilda and ChG 108 Degrees so I swapped it. 
Please let me know if there are any colors you would like to see that haven’t been blogged about previously. Also, give me some feedback on this type of post. Do you like it? Don’t care one way or the other? How is your polish stored?