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Ombre Nails with Zoya Mira

Zoya Mira
Kris Nations, Spring Step, Moschino Cheap & Chic


Yesterday I decided to partake in the trend of ombre nails. This was after I had a failed attempt with my Bundle Monster plates. I didn’t realize there was such a learning curve with stamping…but that’s another post. I saw some really pretty pics of ombre manis on one of the nail forums I frequent and wanted to give it a try since I messed up my Zoya Tanzy mani during stamping. Ombre manis can either be going from a dark to light  shade on each nail or a progressive dark to light across the hand.


I decided to go for the dark to light across each hand. In comes Zoya Mira…this shade was on my list of untrieds and purple polishes are one of my favorites. I would recommend using a very saturated, opaque color for this technique. Here’s how it turned out!

I’m really pleased with the way this mani came out for my first attempt!!! Here’s what I used.
The pinky finger is the original shade of Mira. I then added 1 drop of White On to Mira for the ring finger, 2 drops for the middle, and 3 for the index. I added 1 drop of Mira to White On to get the lightest shade on the thumb. I would recommend using aluminum foil or something durable that you can throw away for this process. I started off with a styrofoam plate…FAIL. Some polish remover got on it and it ate through the plate…luckily I saw it before the polish got all over the place…smh. You’ll also want to clean your brush after each finger so they don’t mix.

How do you feel about this technique??? Would you like a pictorial??? I think I’ll be trying this again for sure!!!