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NY & Company Saturn Sunset and Teal Garden

Hey dolls! As I mentioned yesterday, I’m out of town at a conference in Chicago so the rest of the posts for this week are scheduled. Earlier this year, I picked up a few more polishes from one of my favorite clothing stores, NY & Company.

NY & Company Saturn Sunset is a brown base filled with gold shimmer. The formula was a little on the sheer side, but it wasn’t runny. The first coat was streaky, but it leveled out nicely in three coats. A lot of people don’t like brown polish, but I am a huge fan of them.

NY & Company Saturn Sunset

NY & Company Saturn Sunset

NY & Company Teal Garden is a blue-green creme. The formula was thin, but not runny. It was opaque in three coats. I always love shades in this family, but this one will probably go in the swap/sale box because I’m sure I have a dupe with a better formula.

NY & Company Teal Garden

NY & Company Teal Garden

How do you feel about mainstream clothing companies adding polish to their stores? I don’t mind it, especially if the colors are relatively unique. Most times they are cremes, but sometimes you can find a winner like Saturn Sunset above. I tend to pick up polish from clothing stores only when I’m trying to take advantage of a promo and I need something that only costs a few dollars to make my total a certain amount. Let me know if you’ve tried any NY & Company shades!

3 Responses to “NY & Company Saturn Sunset and Teal Garden”

  1. Marisa (Polish Obsession) says:

    Both of these look so good on you!! Hope all is going well at your conference.

  2. drinkcitra says:

    I don’t mind clothing companies adding polishes to their stores either. It’s kind of exciting to see what they’re bringing out :D These look lovely on you!

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