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Nail Sauce Are You Coconuts?!

Hey dolls! After wearing Orly Au Champagne over the weekend for Nails for Newton, I decided to try out a new glitter I recently purchased. Nail Sauce had a really good sale on Black Friday, so I picked up three of her polishes. I first found out about this brand on instagram. Are You Coconuts?! is comprised of blue, brown, and gold microglitter and larger brown hex glitter. It took a little bit of effort to get the larger brown glitters out of the bottle, but I honestly think I would’ve liked the look more without them. I used one coat of Are You Coconuts?! over Au Champagne. In the photos, it looks like there is some slight curling of the brown hexes, but they laid flat on the nail in real life.

Are You Coconuts Are You Coconuts 2

I’m not really a fan of this one. The brown hex glitter is too large in proportion to the other glitters for my tastes. I really love the blue, gold, and brown microglitter combination though. I’m sure this glitter will appeal to some others. Guess I can’t win them all. I picked up two other Nail Sauce polishes during her sale, so I’m hoping those fare better. Nail Sauce polishes can be purchased here.