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Nothing to Disclose

I contemplated for several days whether I was going to make a post as the fiasco that is Mentality Nail Polish has spun out of control. As a former blogger for the brand, several readers of my blog have inquired about the state of my nails. I have swatched over 150 of their polishes and thankfully, never experienced any issues with my nails. My experiences with the owners were always positive and I recommended the polishes to others, used them on children in my family, as well as gave them to friends.

Due to being on a hiatus at the beginning of the year, I did not receive any of the latest collections. As information comes out regarding the onycholysis, or separation of the nail from the nail bed, caused by several of the brand’s polishes,¬†disturbed is the only way I can describe my feelings. I won’t go into all of the details as they’ve been well documented by other bloggers such as The Mercurial Magpie and well-known sites Jezebel and Nail It.

At this point and based on the company’s response to the claims of many, I no longer feel comfortable wearing or recommending Mentality Nail Polish. My goal with this post is to simply spread awareness and inform my readers who may not be familiar with the latest developments in this health scare. I sincerely hope that all of those who experienced damage seek medical advice and pray they have a speedy recovery. I can’t imagine nor fathom how they must be feeling. When we bloggers agree to work with indie brands, we assume they have our, and the customers, best interest at heart. While it’s fine and great to adorn our nails with pretty colors and art, nails serve a purpose and no one should be put at risk due to wearing polish.

The effected polishes were created between April 2014 and June 2015. If you experienced problems with your nails after wearing Mentality polish, please contact the FDA.

Nothing to Disclose