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Mentality Nail Polish Spam

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Mentality Spam

Hey dolls! I have a few Mentality polishes to share with you that I didn’t include with other collections previously. I only have two more posts to go from the massive box that I was sent from them a few months ago.

Mentality Black Holo is deep black holo polish. The formula was sheer, but not at all runny. It was easy to use and opaque in three coats.

Mentality Black Holo

Mentality Black Holo

Mentality Sexy is a red scattered holo from the Stampers collection. The formula was great! It applied easily and was almost a one coater. Two coats were used for photography purposes.

Mentality Sexy

Mentality Sexy

Mentality Not For Sale is a special polish that was added to orders over $30 last year. In order to reduce waste, this polish is the result of the collection of all of their testers over the last year of production. It is described as a purplish grey-toned holographic nail polish with flecks, shimmers, matte glitter, and shiny glitter. The formula was good and it built up nicely in three coats.

Mentality Not For Sale

Mentality Not For Sale

Mentality polishes can be purchased here for $7.75 – $13. Be sure to keep up with them on facebook and instagram to learn about new collections and deals!

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5 Responses to “Mentality Nail Polish Spam”

  1. Lisa N. says:

    Pretty shades these three are! I really like Mentality Not For Sale :)

  2. Alicia Jarrell says:

    Not For Sale is a totally cool idea for an indie polish! I love how it looks too!

  3. craftynail says:

    very cool! especially the freebie not for sale!

  4. drinkcitra says:

    Beautiful! I love how Not For Sale was created :D

  5. Kerry says:

    Black Holo and Not For Sale are gorgeous! It’s amazing Not For Sale came out looking so cool considering it’s just a mess of everything :)

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