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Mary Kay Tempting Teal & Radiant Red

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Hey dolls! Today I have photos for you of my first Mary Kay polishes. Most people are aware that Mary Kay sells beauty and skin care items, but they also sell limited edition polishes at times. I’m not a big make up fan, but I do use Mary Kay’s timewise skin care line and lip glosses regularly. One of my sorority sisters contacted me recently about giving the polishes a try and I obliged. The brush on these polishes is really easy to use. It’s wide and fans out nicely.

Mary Kay Tempting Teal is a pretty teal creme. The formula was pretty much flawless. It was completely opaque in one coat!

Mary Kay Tempting Teal

Mary Kay Tempting Teal

Mary Kay Radiant Red is a bright red creme. The formula was a little thinner, but still very manageable. I’m not a huge red fan as you all know, but this is a good one for classic red lovers. Two coats were used for opacity.

Mary Kay Radiant Red

While the colors aren’t super unique, I’m pretty impressed with the formula of these polishes. If you’d like to give their polishes a try, or any of their other products, and are in need of a Mary Kay consultant, feel free to browse using my sorority sister’s site. Happy Friday dolls!

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6 Responses to “Mary Kay Tempting Teal & Radiant Red”

  1. Destany says:

    Oh now these are lovely!

  2. Lisa N. says:

    Both are such pretty creme shades. Love!

  3. Pretty shades! The teal reminds me of a polish from MAC from the Liberty of London collection.

  4. drinkcitra says:

    I’m glad the formula of these were nice :D The colors look great!

  5. Rhonda (nailsbeautiqued) says:

    pretty colors. I have a few of there resent ones I must try them.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Gorgeous pigmentation!

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