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Latest Free Purchase ~ Nubar Reclaim & a Little Pink for Wednesday

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Hey dolls, today I’m wearing my latest free purchase using Amazon gift cards that I received through Swagbucks (check this post for all the details on Swagbucks and how you can get involved). After falling in love with Nubar Diamont Top Coat, I felt like I needed to try a polish from this brand. Nubar Reclaim came highly recommended so I ordered it a few weeks ago and I’m just getting around to wearing it. Reclaim is  highly pigmented green holographic polish. It glided onto my nails with no issues. Dry time was also extremely quick; I was on the computer for a few minutes in between coats and I brushed a nail on accident. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was already dry. Here is two coats.

This is a super pretty green! I’m pleased with this one, but I almost like it a little more on the inside when the holo isn’t peeking through as much. Holo lovers, please don’t come after me! Since it’s Pink Wednesday, I decided to add some stamping to this using Color Club Hot Like Lava. I used the peacock feather looking image from the Bundle Monster 207 plate.

I’m so proud of myself for how this turned out!!! I’m not usually very successful at stamping, but Hot Like Lava worked perfectly. I also love pink and green together…sorority girl here! I’m getting low on untried pink polishes, so the next few Pink Wednesdays may feature accents of pink.

Nubar Diamont has also become my go to top coat, so I ordered two more bottles using Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks as well. I don’t like that I have to order it online, but it makes it so much better when I’m getting it for free. Let me know your thoughts on this manicure.

Have you tried any of the Color Club Foiled polishes for stamping yet?