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Latest Free Purchase ~ Butter LONDON Disco Biscuit

Happy Pink Wednesday dolls! Last week I used a few Amazon gift cards that I had saved up from using Swagbucks to purchase Butter London Disco Biscuit. This polish has been on my wish list since it was released. Disco Biscuit is a hot pink jelly that is filled with blue glitter. It must have a little bit of a neon pigment in it as well because it dried to a bumpy, semi-matte finish. I used two coats over Essie Super Bossa Nova because I’ve read on several blogs that Disco Biscuit takes 3-4 coats for opacity. The formula wasn’t problematic at all.

I like Disco Biscuit, but I’m not nearly as enamored as I thought I would be. By the description alone, this polish should be right up my alley, but something about it isn’t making me that happy. The blue glitter only really sparkles in the sunlight; it was barely noticeable indoors. Maybe that’s what it is. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

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