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Julep Emilie & Poshe Top Coat

Julep Emilie
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Hey dolls, today I’m wearing Julep Emilie. Emilie is a gorgeous forest green and its pretty unique in my collection. I knew I would love this color as soon I polished the first nail. I really like the brushes on Julep polishes…they are wider than the norm, but not OPI wide. The formula of Emilie was extremely pigmented. I only used one coat which is always awesome.

with flash

I absolutely love this color. I think it would be very easy to wear on most skin tones. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some of the issues people have been having with Julep. You can see this post from The Polish Aholic for more details, but it involves the referral link not working and uninformed members. I had debated whether I was going to cancel my membership, but after what seemed like a genuine and apologetic email from the owner, I think I will stick around for a few more months. If you’d like to join Julep you may do so HERE, but I like to keep my readers informed so you can make your own decisions about the company. I received my September box today and I will be reviewing it soon.

A few weeks ago I mentioned on my facebook page that I was looking for a new quick dry top coat. Even though I’m not pregnant or trying to be, the birth defect warning on Seche Vite doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve been going back and forth between Out the Door and Poshe top coats. Today I’m wearing Poshe and I’m starting to realize that it causes some shrinkage if I don’t apply it perfectly even, especially closest to the cuticle. It gives off the appearance that I didn’t polish evenly which is not cool at all. It is thicker and dries faster than Out the Door though.

What is your favorite quick dry top coat?