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Icing Magnetix ~ Blue

Hey dolls! A few weeks ago when I was in the mall, I stopped by Icing to see if they had any of the Magnetix polishes. The manager told me that they were selling quickly and there was only the blue and green ones left (I grabbed them both). While I’ve been seeing magnetic polishes all over the blogosphere, I knew this would be one trend that I needed to try for myself to see if I actually liked it.

The Icing Magnetix polishes come with a removable cap that holds the magnet. I kind of liked the way the wavy design looked, so I decided to go with the blue polish first. The formula is thick, but easy to work with, and opaque with one coat. I polished one nail at a time, then immediately put the magnet over the nail while it was still wet. You have to be extremely careful to make sure the magnet doesn’t get too close, or the polish will adhere to it. That happened to me several times, so I had to apply another coat of polish and try again. The glue underneath the magnet gave a little, which caused the magnet to fall off. I applied a little bit of super glue and it was as good as new.

The pattern came out the best on my thumb, which was the first nail that I tried. I love the science behind magnetic nail polish because it reminds me of something you would see on Bill Nye the Science Guy. I can’t really say I like this though. It looks ok, but not worth the effort in my opinion. Maybe magnetic polish has a learning curve like stamping…I just don’t think I’ll try more of these.
Earlier in the post I stated that I purchased the green/gold Icing Magnetix polish as well. One fan of Refined and Polished is in luck. Head on over to the Refined and Polished facebook page, “like” it, and leave a comment on the picture of the green Icing Magnetix polish for a chance to win it (one comment per person). I’ll accept comments on the post until 8p EST on Sunday, February 12. Hopefully one of you will like this trend a little bit better than I did!