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Haze Glaze Fairy Dust & Blog Updates

Hi dolls, I wasn’t quite ready to remove RBL Scrangie, so I decided to layer Haze Glaze Fairy Dust over it. Haze Glaze is a purple jelly glitter bomb that is filled with mini holographic glitter, purple, pink, silver, turquoise, white hexagonal glitter in various sizes and iridescent bar glitter. The glitter was very dense and I only had difficulty getting the large hex glitter out. One coat was used and it dries to a gritty finish. A couple of layers of top coat are probably needed to smooth things out. 

Fairy Dust was so hard to photograph! Hopefully you can get the gist from these pictures. I moved out of my glitter comfort zone with this purchase and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I don’t hate it, but I think I would like it more without the bar glitter. If you’re into glitter bombs, this one is definitely for you.

Now for the blog updates. For my long term readers, you all know that I’m a speech-language pathologist and I’m finishing up a doctoral program. My studies are nearing the end and my dissertation defense is less than a month away on June 26. I’ve done a pretty good job of balancing and continuing to blog during this time, but I’ll be taking some time off over the rest of the month to prepare for my defense. I don’t typically swatch polishes, so I don’t have tons of photos in a vault waiting to be shared. Most times, I’m blogging about what I’m wearing currently or what was just removed. No worries though because I’ve contacted several polish friends who will be preparing guest posts throughout this period. Maybe I’ll try to get 1 or 2 posts in, but I won’t make any promises. I hope that you all enjoy the guest posts that are lined up. Feel free to leave comments for them as well!

Happy weekend!