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Guest Post ~ Tiffany’s Tasteful Talons

Hey dolls! Please enjoy this guest post from my girl Tiffany, who recently joined the blogging world. Make sure you go and check out her blog, Facebook, and Instagram!


Hello, there! This is Tiffany from Tiffany’s Tasteful Talons, and I am so excited to be doing a guest post for my nail polish buddy Lakeisha! I am new to the nail blogger world, and I can honestly say that Refined and Polished is one of the reasons why I got the courage to start up my own blog. I am a big follower of R&P, and can only hope that my blog will become half of what it is one day. Being that I am obsessed with nail polish strips and stickers, I thought I would show you R&P viewers my latest mani using them. Here is the “Garden Party” design from Incoco’s spring 2013 collection.


I just love the Marigold flowers against the pearly white base. So springy! 🙂


Because Incoco uses real nail lacquer to make their appliqués, they lay nice and flat on curvy nail beds like mine. If you have never used nail polish strips before, I can tell you that they take patience and practice. I am very good at applying them now, but I do remember messing up a nail or two with my first set. Definitely make sure you have time on your hands before you sit down and get started (I like to put mine on while watching sports or reality TV…lol). The reason why I love these so much is because they provide instant nail art in one step, and tend to last on me longer than regular nail polish (these are super convenient if you are planning on being away for a few days). You can order Incoco products from their website, and their nail strips retail for $8.99.

So, have I converted any of you into nail strip fans? Haha… Thanks so much for taking a look, and to my nail buddy LJ for letting me make this guest post!



Thanks so much Tiff!!! I am no good when it comes to nail polish strips, but Tiffany has mastered the application. How do you feel about nail polish strips???