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Floral Mani with Zoya Midori & Mira

Zoya Midori & Mira
DKNY, Dooney & Bourke, Blaque Label


The theme for this Monday in the PAA facebook group is floral. I’m using these themes as an opportunity to work on my stamping skills. I’m not much for nail art, so you guys have to just bear with me. Hopefully over the next few weeks you’ll see some growth in my skills. I tend to look for inspiration in clothing and accessories. I thought the purple floral clutch was super cute and I used it for color guidance. I applied 2 coats of Zoya Midori first. While this polish was a little thicker than most of my Zoyas, it wasn’t problematic at all. Midori is a beautiful shade of apple green with gold shimmer throughout. I really like this color…it reminds me of a midori sour!

in the shade

I used BM plate 204 to stamp the flowers on with Zoya Mira. The image is stamped on my thumb, ring, and index fingers.

Hmmmm…I feel just okay about this. I think the base color needed to be a little bit lighter for Mira to show up better. It actually looks much better in real life than it does in the pictures though. 
In other news, I just got a set of dotting tools in the mail today (they were ordered prior to me deciding to do a no-buy….besides its not polish anyway so it doesn’t count..lol). Let the adventures in nail art continue…