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Favorite 11 of 2011

Hey dolls, I’ve been having so much fun reading the top polishes of 2011 from some of my favorite bloggers, that I decided to compile my own list. It’s so interesting to see the diversity in what everyone likes. The 11 polishes that I will show you today are my favorite releases from this year in alphabetical order. To see the original post on each polish, just click the link.

1. A England Avalon – Avalon is everything I love in a purple polish. Bright, regal, shimmery, and a formula that is out of this world!

2. A England Tristam – Tristam is one of the few holos (albeit scattered) that I love. The shade of blue is gorgeous and it has just the right amount of sparkle for my tastes.

3. China Glaze Trendsetter – Trendsetter did not disappoint when it came to being a unique shade! It has just the right proportion of ugly/pretty and I love the way it compliments my skin.


4. Cult Nails Captivated – Captivated is the only glitter to make my top list. A coral jelly filled with golden glitter…I can’t help but love this one (even if glitters are a pain to remove)!

5. Cult Nails In A Trance In A Trance was one of those colors that felt sophisticated and sexy on my nails. It has just the right mixture of olive and gold tones.

6. Cult Nails Unicorn Puke – Unicorn Puke…pure magic in a bottle (along with the most awesome name ever)! This rainbow flakie top coat looks absolutely gorgeous over everything.

7. Essie Braziliant Braziliant is one orange that is bright and shimmery without being extremely over the top. Just looking back at the pictures of this shade make me long for summer and warmer days.

8. Loreal’s Owls Night – Owl’s Night is my surprise pick. Loreal blew me away with this shade. The golden shimmer just makes this shade glow on your nails.

9. Orly Flirty – I adore pink polishes, but there isn’t often you find one that just stands out above the crowd.  This is how Flirty made me feel. Pink polish filled with silver shimmer that just screams fun and sexy on your nails…sign me up!

10. Zoya Gemma Gemma just may be my most favorite polish ever! It is an amazing shade of green with flashes of blue that catch your eye with every turn of your hand.

11. Zoya Neeka – No one does shimmers like Zoya and Neeka is one of my favorites. Purple and gold always look amazing together and Neeka is no different.

There you have it…my favorite polishes of the year! From this list, you can tell that shimmers are really high in my book and I’m not much for glitters. Brands like Cult Nails and A England really stood out for me and I’m really excited to see the next collections. This year I found Zoya and it has risen to the top as one of my favorite brands overall.

I am sure that the list may be a little different if I would’ve actually tried all of the polishes in my stash that were released (the woes of having too many untrieds). A few polishes that almost made the cut deserve honorable mentions: Butter London Lady Muck; Barielle Gotta Have Fate; Essie Shine of the Times; FingerPaints Sparkling Top Coat; Maybelline Cool Couture; OPI Mermaid’s Tears; and Revlon Blue Mosaic.

2011 has been a great year for Refined and Polished! I never thought a hobby that I’ve had since middle school would have turned into this. I’m so glad and thankful to have so many of you along for the ride!

Did any of my 2011 favorites make your list?
  • l_dickerson_05

    Im glad Im one of your favorites =)

  • Of course you had to make the list doll!

  • MariJo Nails

    Zoya Neeka definitely made mine!! I love all of your favorites. Like you I have so many untrieds that could have been potentials ;0).

  • BMR

    I’m so glad Owl’s Night made your list! I put it on my list too. I remember everyone liking this polish but haven’t seen it listed yet. It’s like everyone forgot about it. Forget that, we remember the greatness that was Owl’s Night. 🙂

  • imperfectpaint

    Great list! We share some similar favorites a england Tristam, Cult Nails Captivated, and Unicorn Puke. I’m glad you made a list!

  • Beautiful choices, these colors look great on your skin tone. LOVE Unicorn Puke.

  • Thanks doll! Unicorn Puke is awesomeness in a bottle!

  • You inspired me! It was really fun to put it all together and dig through old posts.

  • As long as we know…Owl’s Night was nothing short of amazing!

  • Neeka is just so gorgeous! Essie Smooth Sailing and Zoya Yara would probably be on the list.

  • beachgal

    Flirty, a fav of mine too – Gemma – totally unique and soooo pretty (looks amazing on you) – Neeka also makes my list as does Tristan. I also wore Zoya Marina a lot after it came to us in the fall Smoke & Mirrors. There were buckets of loves for me this year and equally buckets of ‘what were they thinking???”…meaning not those who made them but who bought them to actually wear????

    I see 2012 as a lot of topper shades (non chunky glitter type). Of course we will see more oranges with it being the Panatone shade this year – so hang on to your Brazilliant which was the first polish shade I thought of when Panatone tangerine I think is the shade name was revealed not too long ago.

    I love these end of the year top picks! It’s fun to see who picks what. I’d like to see some lists throughout the year like ‘best of the spring shades’…etc…and then also best all time reds I have access to…ditto through purples, blues and so on. Favs and best of lists really appeal to a lot of folks I feel.

  • Thanks! I’m excited to see all of the oranges that this new year will bring.

  • Great pics!