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Essie Orange, It’s Obvious + SeaLore Beluga Blizzard

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Hey dolls! I’m switching the schedule up a little bit this week. I’ll be combining the Reader’s Choice Monday and Twinsie Tuesday posts into one for tomorrow. For today, you get photos of a gorgeous orange creme. Essie Orange, It’s Obvious is super bright in person! The formula was a little thin and runny so three coats were needed for opacity.

Essie Orange, It's Obvious

Essie Orange, It's Obvious

I’ve been trying to make my way through my untrieds (which seems like a never-ending task), so I added an accent of SeaLore Beluga Blizzard. Beluga Blizzard is filled with white shimmer and microglitter. The formula was great and the glitter was dense so only one coat was used over Orange, It’s Obvious.

SeaLore Beluga Blizzard

SeaLore Beluga Blizzard

I love the way the softness of Beluga Blizzard contrasts with the brightness of Orange, It’s Obvious. I should have purchased a full size bottle of Beluga Blizzard because I foresee this glitter being layered over many different bases. Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

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12 Responses to “Essie Orange, It’s Obvious + SeaLore Beluga Blizzard”

  1. Frei Blog says:

    Love it! The orange reminds me of my Alma Mater :)

  2. Amanda says:

    I love this orange! And it looks great on you :D

  3. FromPolishwithLove says:

    I have Beluga Blizzard and love it! I also have a mini bottle so I agree with you that I should have bought a bigger bottle. It’s that perfect universal glitter topper!

  4. Manisbymoore says:

    Very pretty!! This Essie color is unfortunately in my untried pile. I need to pull it out. I have not been wearing many oranges or corals this summer. I need to get it together. LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Lisa N. says:

    Fun bright orange! I love that color you layered on top, really adds a nice soft touch to the color :)

  6. drinkcitra says:

    Love this! The glitter is a nice touch :D

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