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China Glaze Cast a Spell

Hey dolls! Hope you all are still full from all of the good eats yesterday; I surely am! Today I have pictures for you of a polish I was on the fence about getting. China Glaze Cast a Spell is an olive green filled with golden shimmer and flecks. I came across Cast a Spell on clearance at Sallys last week and I had to pick it up. The formula was good; not too thick or thin. I used two coats for opacity.

Cast a Spell is gorgeous! You all know that I’ve been loving dark polishes lately and this one has just enough depth.

Hope you all score some Black Friday deals! I ordered some hair products at midnight and I’m debating polish purchases. Happy Friday!

China Glaze Cast a Spell
  • beachgal

    I missed getting this one – was in a Sally’s and not feeling like spending $ that day but I dotted a little bit of this on a clean piece of paper I always take with me (like printer paper) when I know I will be somewhere there is polish I am going to want to look at…I bought it home and kept looking at this shade and decided it was a green I needed and wanted and would wear long beyond any Halloween time…went back to get it and it was goners…so I ordered it on line but it’s not here yet – super slow shipping from this seller on Amazon – going to have to make sure I don’t use them again (unless they are running slow from the Hurricane that is – I will look up where they are sending from)

  • Chameleon Stampede

    Looks great! Love the gold in it!