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Twinsie Tuesday ~ Ice Cream Inspired Jelly Sandwich

Hey dolls! The theme for today’s Twinsie Tuesday look was to be inspired by ice cream. It took me until late last night to come up with what I wanted to do. I decided to go with a classic neapolitan ice cream combo to create a jelly sandwich since I haven’t done one in awhile. I started with a base
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Twinsie Tuesday ~ Disney Inspired

Hey dolls! The theme for this week’s Twinsie Tuesday was Disney inspired. I adore Disney movies, especially Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. After staring at a photo of the Disney princesses, I decided to base my look on the colors of Sleeping Beauty’s dress. Sleeping Beauty’s gown is various shades of pink with just a touch of white
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Polish Days ~ Back to Nature

Hey dolls! Polish Days are back and the theme for this month was to be inspired by nature. The weather has been extremely up and down in Florida, ranging from high 70s to lows in the 30s. As I was going through a few untrieds, I spotted Sonnetarium Snowfall, a glitter top coat with various sized white hexes and smallerĀ iridescentĀ glitter.
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