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Twinsie Tuesday ~ Matte & Glossy ~ She’ Nail Polish Alter Ego

Hey dolls! I had so many ideas for this prompt, but I didn’t get around to doing my nails until yesterday after work. The pollen has been ridiculous over the last week, which left me with a sinus infection on Thursday. Ugh! That was my first time experiencing such horrible sinus pressure. I literally felt like I walked into a
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Cirque Heritage Collection

Hey dolls! Today I have photos for you of the Cirque Heritage collection. Holo lovers began to go crazy as soon as previews of this collection was released. Each shade is extremely vibrant and saturated, which I love. All of the polishes had an amazing formula, was well pigmented, and applied evenly in two coats. Top coat did not dull
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Pretty & Polished Color Changers

Pretty & Polished Kimono’ver Here + Old World Blues

Hey dolls! Pretty & Polished released 16 new shades on March 1 (see press release here) and I have photos of the two new thermal color changers today. Pretty & Polished Kimono’ver Here is a thermal polish that is gold with heavy gold flecks when warm and changes to a reddish orange when cold. The formula, while sheer, was very
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Polish Addict Nail Color Review ~ Part 2

Hey dolls! Last week I showed you part 1 of my Polish Addict Nail Color review and today I have the remaining four shades. Polish Addict Breakfast at Tiffany’s is described as a glitter topper with matte white, matte teal and micro metallic teal glitters. The formula was easy to use and the glitter dispersed nicely and evenly in one coat. Breakfast
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Zoya Magical PixieDust Collection

Hey dolls! The Zoya Magical PixieDust Collection has finally arrived! Fans of the previous PixieDust collections (1, 2, 3) have waited months to see the latest additions to the line. The Magical collection features holo glitters, pack a lot of bling, and dry to a textured finish. The formula was the same on each polish; they are thick, but still
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NYC Starry Silver Glitter

Twinsie Tuesday ~ Seasonal Gradient

Hey dolls! Today’s theme for Twinsie Tuesday was to complete a seasonal gradient. I had no inspiration at all for this look and waited until last night to do something. Luckily, my mani came together nicely on the first attempt. Blues and silvers always remind me of winter, so those are the colors I decided to use. I started with
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Cult Nails Passionate Dreams

Cult Nails Passionate Dreams Collection

On this day, we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I always participate in service projects with my sorority in his memory and today is no different. I’m constantly asking myself, what can I do to help others more. We can only hope to leave a small portion of the impact on our community, that
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The Lady Varnishes The Pirate

Busy Girl Nails Winter Nail Art Challenge ~ Teal

Hey dolls! After giving it some thought, I finally decided to participate in the Busy Girl Nails Winter Nail Art Challenge. This challenge is only once a week, so I’m thinking it will be a good way to show at least one nail art look. Sometimes I am completely busy with reviews, so it’s nice to break that up. The
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Serum No 5 Holiday13 Collection

Serum No. 5 Holiday13 Collection ~ Part 2

Hey dolls! Today I have photos of the other half of the Serum No. 5 Holiday13 Collection (see part 1 here). I just love that Serum No. 5 uses so many different finishes in her collections. All of these are perfect for the holidays, but they can also be worn year round. Serum No. 5 Snow In Love is a
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Serum No. 5

Serum No. 5 Review ~ Part 2

Hey dolls! Today I have photos for you of a few more pretties from Serum No. 5, including one glitter and two top coats. Serum No. 5 As A Matte’a Fact is a shimmery blue and iridiscent top coat that dries to a suede finish. How cute is the name of this polish?!? The formula was great and applied evenly
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