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RBL Top 10

I’m in the Top 10!!!

Hey dolls! Remember a few weeks ago I posted about entering Rescue Beauty Lounge’s contest for new bloggers to review their polishes. If you follow this brand, you know that she only uses the same core group of five bloggers to review new collections. Well, as you can tell from the title of this post, I made it to the
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Polish Storage ~ Decorated Melmers

  Happy Friday dolls! I recently realized that I never blogged about my melmers once they were were decorated. I’ve shared a few photos of them on facebook and instagram, so these may look familiar if you follow me there.  A few months ago, I decided to purchase a second melmer because polishes were taking over my space. I tend
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Blog Sale Updated

Hey dolls! Just a quick post to let you know that I’ve finally got the blog sale updated. Feel free to check it out, by clicking HERE or the blog sale tab above. Thanks for shopping!

2012 R&P Favorites ~ Part 1

Hey dolls! I had so many favorites this year that it was impossible to get them all in one post. My initial list had almost 40 polishes on it. I trimmed it all the way down to 20 polishes, which you will see in two parts. These are my favorites from all of the polishes I’ve worn this year, including
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R & P is now on Bloglovin

Hey dolls, some of you may have heard that Google will be doing away with Google Friend Connect in March 2012 to be replaced by Google+ (here is an article that provides full details). The immediate impact of this will be on blogs not hosted by Blogger. While I’m currently hosted by Blogger, that may change in time. Therefore, here
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Change in the Comments Section

Hey dolls,I just added Disqus to my comments section. This makes it possible for me to respond directly to your comments, as well as others. The responses are nested and much easier to follow in my opinion. You can also subscribe directly to replies to your comment only. I know I can’t stand when I leave a comment on a
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